Sunday, July 29, 2007

Emotional Tags

For me, being an Antique Dealer provokes an array
of emotions. Maybe that is why I love it so much.
As I write this, I find myself searching for the right
words to define my profession.

I don't know where the word "dealer" originated or
why those of us that sell antiques got tagged with
that description, but for me, it's not an accurate one.
It seems so cold and free from anything emotional.

I much prefer the title of "Guardian." I am a
guardian of the works of skilled artisans,
who for the most part, just happen to be French.

That is another story in itself, but I think
because the French Culture places such a high
value on objets' de art, France was and continues
to be a haven for artistic expression.

Due to monetary restrictions, I'm not able
to keep all of my finds, therefore my task
is to find another guardian, a person who
can appreciate the work and skill that lies
behind the patina. Just another keeper, for a
period of time.

I was lucky this week to find two such guardians,
for two of my favorite pieces.
Pieces that I have emotional attachments to.

One of those pieces, a 19th Century French Tower
Clock, pictured below

This clock possesses a power over me and at the
same time, gives me power. She seems to transport
me to the past and at the same time, allow me to
glimpse into the future.
I find myself standing amidst the other villagers
wishing her hands would slow their movement, but
all the while respecting her for keeping harmony.
She assures our promptness to daily rendezvous
and demands an order to life. She is in sync
with the heavens.
She gives us documentation of special moments and
encourages us with anticipation of those to come.
What a true masterpiece she is!
She is a prominent piece of history and I give
thanks to her for allowing me the time to be
her guardian, however short it was!
I know she will give her new Guardian glimpse's
of past and present too.

As I pass her on, she marks the time of my
first and only child's birth, 6:30. One of the
most glorious times in my life.
It is a tradition in France, that you set the hands
of any clocks, not working, to the time of your
first born child's arrival. A most beautiful gesture.
Also, a reminder of how fast the time does past.
It is difficult to believe my child is now 30 years old.

So, as a toast to the Lady, may all my readers
have beaucoup de beaux moments à temps,
and Thanks to The Lady for reminding us all
that our time, as we know it, is limited.

As for the other piece I passed on this week,
you'll have to check back for my next post.
In the meantime, enjoy the photo's of some
other tower clocks in France.

Aix en Provence

Gare de Lyon in Paris


Gare des Brotteaux in Lyon
I've spent more than a few
evenings here as Paul Bocuse,
a famous French Chef has
one of his restaurants here
L'EST. It is a great place
if you are ever in Lyon.

Chow for now!


Mélanie said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog . I'm glad to vist yours.
The photos are great . I love them .
may be we will meet some days in France to share our experiences. We can start thank to our blog.
Mélanie xxx

Michele said...

Thank you! Absolutely beautiful and touching. I find the term keeper as very touching. I will return to your blog, as I have enjoyed it.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I think I have three clocks that I need to go set on 12:00 noon :)

fabulous fifi said...

LOVE the clock! You have exquisite taste!


I am so inspired by this post. I love the way you describe 'guardian' and it is so true. Your writing is as beautiful as your treasures.

Kim said...

Hi, I recently visited your shop on Barrett Avenue. I live just a little bit down the street on Ellison Ave.
The term "Guardian" that you use to describe your work is also how I view my work to restore my home. I believe in restoring and protecting these older homes and neighborhoods. They are such a treasure and it is disappointing to see them falling into disrepair. I am currently restoring a 1905 shotgun. I will be returning to buy a few small things once I get my place more in order. The large daybed on the second floor is gorgeous, but slightly out of my price range. I find that shops such as yours are also great sources of inspiration. You certainly are an inspiration to me.
Also, thank you for locating your shop in such a distinctive up and coming area.