Monday, May 14, 2007

Through my Eyes

As a rule, I travel to France two to four times a year in search of all those goodies that catch my eye. I've been told by many of my customers that I have a wonderful eye, or that they like my eye. I tend to think also, that I have a "Good Eye" or as the French would say, "avoir le coup d'oeil."
I don't quite know how I acquired good eyes. What I do know is that I feel through my eyes.
When I gaze into an 18th century mirror, I tend to see more than the image it reflects.

That silver coated glass seems to morph into the silver screen and reveal unto me, great stories.

You know the cliché, "the eye is the window to the soul."
Mirrors have peered into a great many souls, played an important part in history, (In 1919 the First World War officially ended when Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors) and let's not even talk about the power they possess over people, only capable of seeing the faults with the immediate image.
I much prefer referring to mirrors as "looking glasses." I wonder why we ever stopped calling them that? Oh well, someday I'll look into that. If anyone knows, feel free to post!
So the next time you gaze into the looking glass, look not just at the eye, but into it.
In the meantime, reflect on some of my favorites...Enjoy

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Garden_Antqs said...

You do have a great eye!! I too am an antiques dealer (or styliest as I prefer to call myself). I love the garden statue by the urn and mirror; too pretty!! I've added you to my blog. Please stop by for a visit. Theresa-Garden Antqs