Thursday, May 17, 2007

I hope you Love my Stuff

"My Stuff"

I love owning my own shop. One of life's greatest
pleasures is being able to pursue your passions.
I always feel as though I'm on the right path when
people tell me, they "love my stuff."

My stuff, happens to be all things country french.

A three day excursion to France from London
in 1997, landed me in the small ancient village
of Senlis, France. Senlis lies just a bit north
of Paris, but has escaped modernization. If
you care to take a promenade, visit the
website at

My promenade literally changed my life.
Every bend in the rues de pavé rond,

greeted me with detailed surprises.
Shutter dogs masquarading as soldiers
guarding windows to protect the occupant"s
Weathered bottle carriers posing beside
doors, awaiting pints of lait.
Patinaed metal signs, proudly displaying
the name of the atelier, swinging on
their graceful iron rods.
Every detail was turning up the volume
of my inner voice until it was screaming,
"I've Got to have this Stuff."

Since that day I've imported 42 containers
of French and Italian antiques and brocante,
or "stuff " as some would call it. And, that's
okay by me, because I consider it a
compliment when someone tells me,
"I love your stuff."
Below are a few pictures of my stuff I
sell in my shop. I hope you like it!


Cote de Texas said...

Did you like french antiques before you went on this trip? Just curious. You just quit your job to open your store? very interesting! Do you have a lot of competition in Louisville? There are quite a lot of gorgeous antique shops in Houston. I'm afraid it's too late for me to open a shop, though that has always been my dream.

euroantiquer said...

Its never too late!!
Your decorating is beautiful and it shows it is your Passion.
Follow your Bliss!