Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Beginnings of Ambiance

Most of us that enjoy decorating would agree that

it is a form of Self Expression. All artistic endeavors are.
Being a shop owner I am constantly redecorating my rooms,
( there are 12 by the way and two garden areas). My goal
is that I will be able to visually communicate and create
an ambiance, in which my customers can experience
the countryside of France. I want them to feel
sensations that are untouchable, through my vinettes.

My rooms are extensions of my thoughts and
for my customers, a pied-a-terre.
My vinettes are those culturally enriched moments
in time that I experience, my memoirs, imported
in my head.
So, I commence to share with you my journey.
All those bits in my head that will transform
into globs of color liken to those found on an
artist's brush.

Colors speak. Just as a complexion reveals character,
colors reveal personality. There is a special beauty
that is reflected in complexions that have weathered
I have found over time that most people seem to
recognize beauty when it is presented as such.
For a perfect example of what I mean, read the
Washington Post article about Joshua Bell at
Interesting article.

So as I ponder my next wall colour, come with me.
Fetch yourself a tender buttery croissant,
a strong black expresso, and a piece of blank
canvas from the creative vault in your mind and
muse with me.
These are my inspirations

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